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Everyone Told Her To Put This Disabled Cat Down, Now He's Walking On His Own Again

From the moment this cat found himself at an animal shelter, it seemed like everyone was ready to give up on him. As a stray, they noticed he had a bad attitude, and was very aggressive towards other cats. Then they discovered why: something was affecting his back legs, and they quickly became paralyzed.

He was set to be euthanized, but one woman saw an ad for him and decided to take a chance on the poor animal.

Every vet she took him to insisted that his quality of life would never improve, but Dee Najera refused to give up on her pet.

Instead, she named him Chance, after the second chance he had gotten in life.

After adjusting to his new home, Dee took Chance to see an animal rehabilitation specialist.

While everyone else has told her he was hopeless, Dee finally received some good news: Chance did have a little bit of feeling in his back legs, which meant he could learn to walk again!

Now when he's not lounging around the house, Chance is busy training to walk again. It looks tough, but Dee makes sure he gets lots of affection and treats while he's working out.

Good morning Team!!!! Sooo, I was doing fabulous last year with all my physical therapy with Dr. Kern and one day I went...

Posted by A Second Chance For Chance on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Chance is also giving back with a charity that he runs (with Dee's help) called KittysHelpingKittys.

If you buy Chance anything off this Amazon wishlist, it will be donated to fetal cat caretakers and elderly cat lovers who need support.

You can learn more, and follow Chance's progress, on his Facebook page.

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