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Pregnant Woman Was Told To Abandon Her Dogs, Instead She Took These Stunning Maternity Photos

Sanjana Madappa is a dog lover, which is why she works at an animal welfare organization in Bagaluru, India and why her home is full of adopted dogs.

She says that when people come to her office to leave their dogs behind, one of the most common reasons they give is they're expecting a baby. Sanjana would try to tell people that didn't matter, but she says she would "get it thrown back in my face that since I don't have children and haven't experienced a pregnancy, I don't get to have an opinion."

Last year, Sanjana went through her own pregnancy, but instead of giving up her dogs she said it taught her to appreciate them more. That's why she and her husband Aditya Raheja featured them in their adorable maternity photos.

In a post on Facebook, Sanjana shared that she had a pretty rough pregnancy, including trips to the hospital and long periods where she needed bed rest. Throughout the whole ordeal, she says he dogs were there to love and support her the entire time.

"What I can tell you is this," she writes, "not once did I think ' hmmm my dogs have got to go.'"

"I cant think of anything that could have prepared me as well for motherhood as my furry kids," writes Sanjana. She shared her story to let everyone know that dogs are part of your family, and they shouldn't be pushed aside to make room for a baby.

"I couldn't abandon a family member to bring in another. I will not betray a life that depends on me as much as my son does."

Just a week after these photos were taken, Sanjana and Aditya welcomed their baby boy Ayan. He's lucky to have both a great pair of loving parents, and a houseful of dogs!

What do you think of her message? Would you ever consider abandoning your dogs for your children?

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