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Everyone's Freaking Out Over This Picture - Where Are These Girls' Legs?

Have you ever heard of a "Couch-Centaur"? This seemingly normal picture of a group of girls out for a night on the town has actually managed to capture the elusive couch-centaur in its natural environment! It tried to disguise itself, but alas, the internet cannot be fooled!

The picture, shows six girls in a bar, but when people started to look a little closer they realized that there were not enough legs to match the number of bodies.

This picture sparked some goofy comments on Reddit, including the top comment suggesting that one of the girls is actually a "couch-centaur".

It was such an issue that people started to actually circle the girls' bodies so that people would realize what happened. However the results... are interesting.

This one has an interesting concept of how the girl on the right of the couch's body works.

Or this one suggests that one girl is doing the "man-spread"

And this one things that she is still spreading out but in a different way.

Can you find all the legs?

Share if you find them all!

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