Everywhere You Look Everywhere You Go There's Avengers

Even though there are several Marvel movies released each year, it just never seems to be enough.  Fans still feel like they need to make their own content to fill the small gaps that pop up. Most recently, a Youtuber  decided that the Avengers needed to get the sitcom treatment and cut together a collection of clips from the movies and blooper reels to give a much lighter feel than most of the films.

Who wouldn't want to watch a show with these goofballs in it? It even has an Olsen so it counts as a proper Full House right? I feel like it would all end up as all the Avengers taking care of baby Spider-Man as he ventures through high school. See, where it seems like Tony should be the main dad by appearance, we all know that he is kind of unreliable and maybe a little bit dangerous. He can be the Cool Uncle Jesse, where Captain America is much more of a "Dad" (it helps that he is almost 100 years old). Thor can be the Uncle Joey, always just a little confused but definitely trying his best. Not easy to fit them all in to the current cast but they will find their roles.

Marvel fans have been making these false credit sequences for years. They have tackled many of the most famous credits, including the often parodied Friends. It has actually been used several different times just for the Avengers.  


Theme song openings have kind of declined in recent years, most shows only have an opening title card and then go right into the show. So even if for some crazy reason we did end up getting a TV show we likely wont get anything like this, but it is always fun to imagine!

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