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Parents Share Hilarious Proof That Kids Will Sleep Anywhere

One thing I envy about children, is their uncanny ability to sleep pretty much everywhere at anytime.

Seriously, if I had the ability to just knock-off whenever I wanted, I'd probably be 100 percent more productive. At least I'd have more energy during the day. That must be the secret to their boundless energy - naptime.

Anyone who has cared for a child knows that this magical off-switch cannot be manually activated, instead, kids have to wear themselves out to the brink of exhaustion.

These hilarious pictures taken by parents perfectly capture the moment that off-switch flips. They find their children sleeping in the strangest places, but these odd angles don't seem to bother their kids too much!

See for yourself!

They pretty much just face-plant into dreamland...

Don't know how this is comfortable...

Literally, they can fall asleep standing up.

Those times when they don't know what they want, so they take both..

Sometimes they're just too tired to poop...

And sometimes they forget that they're playing hide-and-seek.

Kids have no sense of personal space...

Just like pups, 'they sleeps in heaps'!

Even a shoe'll do!

Or a boot!

She napped so hard her shoe fell off!

If they fits, they sits - then, they naps.

If it has wheels, they'll find a way to sleep on it.

Bed of nails? Those are for amateurs - real gurus sleep on a bed of Legos.

Sometimes they just pass out mid-cuddle. Don't worry dog, that kid'll wake up eventually...

Dogs really do make the best cuddle partners!

These two obviously tired each other out!

This is awkward...

Back in the day before flat screens, children napped on top of the TVs like cats.

Get used to this, little man, shopping with women doesn't get any better.

Sweet dreams, little nap stars!

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