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Woman Gets Pulled Over Only To Realize It's Her Ex-Boyfriend - And That's A Problem

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FOX 24 Charleston

We've all been there. You're driving down a long stretch of highway cruising to the radio, when all of a sudden a flash of red and blue starts up behind you. As you pull over all you can think about is "What have I done this time?"

Oftentimes it's nothing more than a turn signal left on or a broken taillight, but sometimes it can seem unfair. Unfortunately for a young couple in Florida, their crime was of passion, and one they didn't even commit.

When a patrol car came up behind Jamie DiCarlo and Robert Roberts and s siren went off, they naturally moved to stop on the shoulder. As it turns out, the driver of the patrol car wasn't in fact a police officer, but DiCarlo's recent ex-boyfriend, Christopher Combs, son of the local Sheriff.

Combs decided that he wasn't happy with his ex driving around without him, and once he had them pulled over that's when the trouble began.

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