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Exhausted Mom Puts Naughty Toddlers "Up For Sale"

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It was one of those scenes that every parent has had to deal with, but for Kylie Cain from Manchester, England it was the straw that broke the camel's back. The 28-year-old mother of 4 lives with her rambunctious children and the family's 2 dogs, but her youngest daughters always seem to invent new ways to get into trouble. Myla, who's only 2, managed to climb up one of the dogs to reach the fridge door, opened it, then threw a carton of milk on the floor.

Once the milk was spilled on the ground, Myla and her 1-year-old sister April-Rose lapped it up off the floor alongside the 2 dogs.

"It's definitely not something you see every day," Kylie told the Mirror. "It's one of those mum moments where you don't know whether to laugh or cry but in the end I decided it was way too funny not to capture it."

Kylie put an ad up on Facebook, hoping to find a good home for the "two poodles" causing havoc in her house.

"I am reluctant to have to get rid but I have no choice," she wrote, "they're such hard work. They tag team each other all the time and they're eating me out of my own home in fact.

"They all take it in turn to do something they shouldn't on a daily basis [...] So if you can be the perfect people for the two poodles on the right, message me."

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