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Explore The Legend Of This Week's Full Wolf Moon

Sky watchers can officially kick off a new year of full moons on January 12 with the Full Wolf Moon.

To see this beauty at it's fullest, EarthSky suggests that you go outside between midnight and sunrise on January 12. The Old Farmer's Almanac says that this particular full moon was named by the Native American tribes.

The Wolf Moon occurs in January when hungry wolves would gather outside of villages and howl for food, long into the night.


Each full moon was given a name to help track the seasons and lunar months. Some tribes counted four seasons, while others counted five. Some believed there were 12 Moons and others counted 13.

If you're a Cancer, the full moon is strong in your sign this month! Your intuition, creativity and nurturing instincts will be strong, but it can also enhance your moodiness and emotional reactions, so be alert!

This month, we are celebrating the Full Wolf Moon - so step outside and look way, way up... what's that sound in the distance? Could it be a wolf howling - or is it just the wind?

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