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Family in Turkey Brings Home Dying Puppy To Pass in Peace But She Surprises Them All

When Mary and her daughters volunteered at a dog shelter in Ankara, Turkey, they were overwhelmed by the sight of over 4,000 dogs crammed into small enclosures.

The girls and their mother did the best that they could, but like the dog shelter, they were overwhelmed by the sheer number of desperate and dying dogs. All around them were dead dogs and rats. The living animals were sickly, skinny and suffering.

Mary and her daughters found four desperately sick puppies with distemper huddled in the corner of one enclosure. They knew how near to death the pups were, but they decided to bring them home to die peacefully, in a safe place.

Although three of the pups died, the smallest was a fighter - the girls named her Faith. Slowly, and with much patience and love, the family nursed little Faith back to health. Within months she had totally transformed - you've got to see her now!

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