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They Turned A School Bus Into A Home, And You'd Definitely Want To Move In

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When high school sweethearts Luke and Rachel got married right after graduating, they chose an unconventional way to travel and earn a living after a friend told them about people living in mobile homes as they saw the sights of the country along the way.

Luke was working as a pipe-fitter and Rachel had started a baking business in a suburb of Chicago, but after hearing about this adventure, they couldn't resist.

“We’d never even heard about it, but within two months of even hearing they existed we bought a school bus,” Luke said.

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With their 2-year-old daughter and family dog in mind, they figured that if they ever wanted to do it, now was the time.

“What do we really have to lose? Our big tv? Our comfy couches? Our yard? Our nice big kitchen? (All these things are material possessions that can easily be replaced or lived without),” they wrote in a blog post.

That's when they realized that their material possessions were not important to them, in their lives.

“We realized by purging ourselves of all these unnecessary possessions and habits we will have more time for the things we truly value: God, family, our marriage, freedom, and adventure.”

Since Luke had 10 years of welding experience, he took on the task to renovate the school bus and turn it into a home for his family.

Costing only $4,000 to buy, he spent 2 years renovating the bus to suit the family of 4.

And the results were well worth it!

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