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Women's Fashion In The 1960s Was As Groovy As It Gets

The 60s were a crazy time for fashion. Bright colors, big skirts, the invention of the mini skirt and more all made the 1960s one of the most memorable decades in fashion. A lot of time has passed since the "Swinging Sixties" but that doesn't mean we don't still appreciate the artistic attempts of those designers. Not to mention, the sixties was when pants started to become more socially acceptable for women! Imagine if that never happened? Here is a look at some of the best fashion memories from the Sixties.


What do you think the circumference of these skirts were?

You would need so much fabric to recreate that skirt.

Twiggy was a modeling icon of the Mod style

I feel as though this look would be very much back in style right now.

Don't wear these pants on a chilly day

Imagine the tan line you could get from these?

No one wears elbow length gloves anymore

They probably were almost impossible to keep clean for more than five minutes, but they look so classy!

This dress looks like a girl who revamped her dads suit jacket really well

I wish I could tailor clothes this well.

Champagne colored dresses with perfectly coiffed hair

Look how sassy the one standing is. She knows she looks awesome.

These pants are really something

I don't know that they make a word that properly expresses these.

When they said mini-skirts they meant MINI

What ever you do, do not bend over.

Look how cool these dresses' hems are

I want both of these...

I can just picture these lovely ladies calmly playing bridge but then when Elvis starts playing on the radio they really let their hair down.

Act cool while your parents are around ladies but make sure your shoes are made for dancing because those skirts are built to twirl.

Want to hear a secret?

The sixties were so cool. If you tried to wear lime green when I was a teen it would not end up looking so cool.

Why is there one really tiny lady?

Is she the logo or is she a doll version?

The original Mean Girls

On Wednesdays, we wear excessive headbands!

No such thing as a pattern too big or too loud

Color was everywhere.

Sunshine Yellows were so stylish

Not many people seem to wear bright yellow anymore. They should though, look at those dresses! Amazing.

I feel like we have all seen a picture of our grandmothers wearing a dress like this

And they looked fantastic.

If you ran out of fabric you could use saran wrap!

Nothing says style like clear dresses. The strange thing is I could see any number of pop stars wearing these exact dresses and I wouldn't be surprised at all.  

A touch of glamour

Proms and dances were a little bit more elegant than they seem to be now.

I feel like I can hear the noise this jacket would make as you walked

They are standing like that because if they move it makes an awful squeak no one wants to hear.

The Sixties were just so great


Would you wear any of these outfits? Do you have any left from the fashionable decade buried in your closet? A lot of them have come back into style over the years! I would totally wear a bunch of those dresses if I had the chance. So go did through your closets and see what stylish outfits you have hidden back there!

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