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Photo Captures Child Surfer's Chilling Encounter With A Great White

Ten-year-old Eden Hasson was enjoying surfing with his friends on Samurai beach in New South Wales, Australia when his father snapped this chilling photo of the young surfer.

Other surfers said that a school of fish had been swimming near the beach just moments earlier, and some ocean predators must have followed them looking for an afternoon snack.

Eden's dad Chris was taking photos of his son from the beach, when he noticed something unusual in one of his snapshots. Zooming in quickly he saw a three-meter long great white shark swimming just underneath his son.

Chris is a longtime surfer himself, so he knew to call everyone out of the water right away. When Eden was called back by his dad he knew there must be a shark in the water, but he had no idea how close he'd been to the huge predator.

In fact, Eden might have actually hit the shark with his board.

"When I took off I thought I saw something and when I went to do the first snap off the top I hit something and thought it was seaweed," he told the Mail.

It was definitely a scary moment, but Eden and his dad were able to laugh about it afterwards. On Facebook, Chris shared the photo and joked that the shark just wanted a better look at his son's new wetsuit.

This was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime photo, and we're sure Eden is happy to keep it that way.

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