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He Finds Something Worth Over $300,000 In Son's Toy Chest

He had a sneaking suspicion that one of the coins in his son's toy treasure chest might be valuable, but just how much it was worth shocked even him!

The coin in question is a Queen Anne 'Vigo' - a five guinea gold coin that was forged from the gold seized from Spanish treasure ships in 1702. There were only 20 of these made and today, it is worth over $300,000 USD.

The anonymous vendor from Hertfordshire, England passed the box of coins on to his son. He had received them as a gift from his grandfather when he was a little boy.

"He gave me bags of coins to play with (I was into pirate treasure) throughout my early years…" he told the Telegraph. "As time passed these coins went back into bags and boxes and were forgotten about until I re-discovered them after my granddad passed away."


Curious, he brought the treasure to Bonington's coin specialist, Gregory Tong, who identified it's value at aver $300,000 USD. The coin will be featured in a Bonington's auction this November.

Check your coin collections - you might have a priceless piece! What would you do with all that cash?

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