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10 Twists On Monopoly That Will Make You Feel Like You Passed Go And Collected $200

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Who doesn't remember the classic board game that taught us all how to be smart with our money, diplomatic in our trade agreements, and maybe a little bit competitive? Monopoly may have started a few arguments here and there ("NO, I'm the Wheelbarrow!") but ultimately it's a really fun game that makes you think about what everyone at the table is trying to accomplish.

Since it's release in 1902 by Elizabeth Magie, many iterations of the property trading game have been developed. We compiled a list of our favorite versions so you can rediscover the joy of Monopoly with your family!

Disney Classic

A wholesome version of the game that the entire family can appreciate! Move through the game by Captain Hook's ship from Peter Pan or by Cinderella's glass slipper, and accumulate enough fortune to build castles over top of your favorite Disney movies!

The Simpsons

For the enthusiastic Simpsons fan, this edition of Monopoly allows you to travel through Springfield's many iconic locations such as Moe's and the nuclear power plant to build up Homer's hometown. Just don't get thrown in jail, D'oh!

Here & Now: USA

Ever wanted to travel all across America in a single evening? Well now you can with the Here & Now: USA edition. Use your tokens of Americanism to journey the 50 states and claim victory by winning over your favorite cities!

National Parks

City life not your thing? No worries! Take yourself out of the concrete jungle and explore the wide expanses and incredible views from 22 of the most popular national parks in the country! Make your way as animals native to the continent and enjoy the 60-minute fast-play option too!

Star Wars

If your preference is more so worlds far away and in the distant past, then consider picking up the Star Wars edition so you can play as characters from the entire series right up to The Force Awakens! If things aren't going well, land on Force Cards to change your destiny and that of the empire.

What about these versions that bring out the nostalgia for all members of the family?

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