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FBI: Popular App For Teens Could Put Their Safety At Risk

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These days it's hard to find an American teenager who isn't glued to their smartphone, and while parents can't be sure what their kids are getting up to every minute of the day, it's important to know your child is being safe on line.

That's why so many parents, community groups, police departments, and even the FBI are warning about the risks of a new app called Yellow. Marketed to teens aged 13-19, Yellow is an app that lets kids connect with more than 7 million users worldwide.

Parents worry that the app's design - swipe right to connect or swipe left to not connect - is borrowed from the adult dating app Tinder. They're concerned that this "Tinder for teens" will become a hot spot for child predators.

Some parents have even made their own accounts on the app, to test its safety features and see what teens were posting.

What they found shocked them.

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