Federal Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Hershey's

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We all know that chip bags have more air than chips in them, but have you taken a look inside your boxes of chocolate?

One Missouri man has filed a federal class action lawsuit against Hershey's for under-filling their candy boxes.

He is seeking 'monetary damages' for 'misleading' packaging of their Whoppers and Reese's Pieces boxes.

It alleges that they under-fill the Whoppers boxes by 41% and the Reese's Pieces boxes by 29%.

Initially, Hershey's attempted to have the case dismissed, with attorneys arguing that "consumers are well aware of the fact that substantially all commercial packaging contains some empty space."

While that is true, how much empty space is reasonable to protect the product without wasting packing resources?

Find out what the judge said about the case on the next page.

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