Felix The Cat Ran 5km And Raised Over $5500 For Charity

Felix is a very important cat. She resides at Huddersfield train station in the UK where she was promoted to "Senior Pest Controller" earlier this year. She managed to capture the hearts of pretty much everyone everywhere.

This time, Felix has is using her internet fame to raise money for Fairy Bricks, a charity that brightens the lives of sick children through Lego. According to her Facebook page, Felix wore a GPS tracker to measure her progress, because obviously she's not running 5km in straight line all at once.

Felix's fundraising goal was $1,320, but within 3 days she had reached over $5,000. People love cats, man. And they especially love cats who are doing good things for the world. On August 24th, Felix's Facebook page posted this update.

Felix is still accepting donations for her efforts with the hope to raise as much money as possible for Fairy Bricks.

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