Fierce Grizzly Grabs A Drowning Crow, What Happens Next Will Surprise You

As a family was filming the bear enclosure at the Budapest Zoo in Hungary, a crow flew into the pond and began to drown. Onlookers were certain that these would be the crow's final moments, but then, the unexpected happened.

The crows in the trees above began to sqwak loudly as the giant bear approached the drowning bird. He steps down onto a small rock in the pond and reaches into the crevace between the rock and land. There is a bit of a struggle at 0:17 and the crow flaps in the water to the other side of the pond. Sometimes, things aren't what they seem. As the poor bird presses his body up agains the rock and he appears to loose his strength, then the bear comes closer...

Not all things in nature are what we make them out to be though. This Grizzly calmly pulls the crow out and walks away to eat his  fruit as the bird recovers. This just goes to show that bigger isn't always badder in the animal kingdom. Have you witnessed an unusual act of animal kindness between species? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to like and share!

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