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Finally! A Way to Clear Foggy Windows that Actually Works!

Foggy windows are SERIOUSLY annoying! Would you believe that there's a way to fix your foggy window woes that works even better than the defogger button in your car? All you need are a pair of socks and some kitty's that easy!

To make your own de-fogger fill one sock with kitty litter and tie it shut. Place that sock inside the other unused sock and stick it on your dash of your car. The kitty litter will absorb the excess moisture in your car and help pull the condensation off your windows. Give it a's amazing!


Materials Needed:

  • Sock
  • Roll of Tape
  • Cat Litter


Find an old pair of socks.


Put the roll of tape at the top of the sock, then roll the fabric over it, forcing the sock to stay open.


Use the opening to fill up the sock with kitty litter, roughly up to the ankle.


Once the sock is filled, remove the tape and tie the opening of the sock. Cover the sock with the other unused sock so the cat litter is sealed inside.


Place the sock in your car and watch the foggy windows disappear.


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