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Finally Free! Caged Dog Can't Stop Running After Being Rescued

Liszka was in terrible shape when she was found. A rescue group saved the female terrier from a rusty cage without food or water. They don't know how long she had been in there, but what they found was that her muscles had contracted and her body was curled in. She was taken to a veterinary clinic where they fed her and cleaned her up while massaging her legs to try to release some of the tension in her muscles.

The Polish police are investigating the owner but Liszka has been taken to to a safe place where she can once again learn how to move and play. The rescue group shared a video of her which shows how happy she is to be free even though she seems to be left with some permanent damage. It doesn't stop her from wagging her tail and demanding belly rubs!

It's really sweet that the organization was able to save her and that she is recovering. Hopefully they will be able to help her increase her mobility over time and find her a home that will treat her properly! Watch the video below to see how well little Liszka is doing now.

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