Firefighters Recreate The Iconic 'Dirty Dancing' Scene And It Looks Like They Had The Time Of Their Lives

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Ever since Patrick Swayze's character, Johnny, twirled and lifted Jennifer Grey's Baby in one of the most iconic movie scenes ever, people from all over have been trying to recreate it.


While many have had luck in successfully achieving the difficult lift in the final dance of the 1987 film Dirty Dancing, some haven't been so graceful. Just this past summer, one middle-aged couple lost consciousness and ended up in hospital after a failed attempt at the lift.


But even close calls like this didn't stop others from attempting the complicated moves from the cult classic. Two firefighters are the latest ones to give it a go, and their spoof is so good that has gone viral.

Joanna Gilham and Nathan Pavey of Kent Fire and Rescue wanted to remind the public about the importance of regularly testing their smoke alarms, but instead of the usual PSA, they wanted to take theirs to a new height, and that they did.

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