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First Baby Of 2017 Born One Minute Into The New Year

One of my favorite parts of the new year is the new start we all get! A chance to build up your life with happiness and self-love.

And what could be happier than a brand new baby? Every year, one baby gets the honor of being the first baby born. This year, the title went to baby girl Ellina Kumari, who was born at 12:01am on New Year's Day!

Mom Bharti Devi and dad Ashwani Kumar are now proud parents of two young kids.

Their first son, Arriv Kumar, is just two years it seems the couple will have their hands full!

Baby Ellina weight a healthy 6lbs 8oz and will get to go home within the next couple days.

"I was five days overdue so we expected her to be born in 2016 but the longer the labour went on I thought it might go into 2017," said new mom Bharti. "'We didn't really get the chance to celebrate the new year at midnight because I was just about to give birth."

Of course, this is just the first baby documented of 2017. I'm sure there are babies all over the world born every second that we don't hear about!

Either way, this is a fun little honor to hold for the rest of Ellina's life. I wish the whole world counted down to MY birthday!

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