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First Dance Turns Into Lightsaber Battle Between The Happy Couple [Video]

Lots of couples go the extra mile with some specially choreographed dance moves on their big day, but not many include a lightsaber duel straight out of Star Wars.

Things were going so well until the groom stepped on his new wife's foot, sending her to the dark side. Luckily, when she pulled a lightsaber on the defenseless groom, the best man was there to even the odds.

Of course this was all in good fun, and the pair sealed their performance off with a kiss, but it's clear to everyone watching that the force is strong with these two.

Just check out that behind-the-back block by the groom, he must be a true jedi master!

They even used some battle music from the films to set the mood! This is definitely a fun and unique twist on a wedding tradition, but do you think it went too far?

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