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"First Impressions Matter" According To This Teen Who Wore A Suit To Meet His New Niece

Making a first impression is pretty important with most people. The one exception to that rule is usually babies. A newborn doesn't really care if you are wearing the newest fashions, because chances are it will just fall asleep or spit up on it anyway.

Eighteen-year-old Grant didn't care, he wanted to make the very best impression on his new niece when he met her, so he wore his best suit!

If there was an award for "Best-Dressed Uncle", obviously Grant would win. His sister shared this picture that has since been shared over a hundred thousand times on Twitter alone.  

Grant looked like he was already in love with his little baby niece, who will one day hear all about her uncle's classy behavior.

Apparently this is just the kind of person Grant is. According to his sister, Grant is the kind of guy who will dress up for an event or bring a cake for no reason. Seems like the kind of uncle we all want!

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