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Fix Flyaways and Fight Frizz with this Simple Trick

Winter weather wreaks havoc on skin, hair and nails leaving you dry, itchy and frizzy! Static hair is one of those annoying things we have to deal with as the temperature drops, but this time we're fighting the frizz with a simple, inexpensive trick that works wonders - dryer sheets!

Simply stick your brush tines through an anti-static dryer sheet and brush your hair as you normally would. At first I was skeptical that this trick would work, but it's amazing! My hair went from frizz ball to smooth and sleek in about 5 seconds. Beauty hacks really don't get much easier than this!

Savvy Beauty

What You Need:

  • Brush
  • Anti-Static Dryer Sheet


Push the tines in your hair brush up through the dryer sheet.

Savvy Beauty

Try to make sure you get all the tines through the sheet (this will make it easier to brush your hair).

Savvy Beauty

Brush your hair as you normally would and watch as the frizz immediately disappears!

Savvy Beauty

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