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"Baby Hammock" Provides Safe Sleeping Environment for Newborns

A father in Florida has designed a new sleeping apparatus for infants, which is supposed to help reduce the environmental risks associated with SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). James Spencer came up with the idea after his daughter Stella was born. He felt a sense of fear, as all parents with a newborn do, and decided he needed to invent something that would help remove the risks associated with early infancy.

His idea? The Crescent Womb. The crescent womb is designed to help mimic the the conditions of inside a mother's womb, so that infants can continue to experience the nurturing and beneficial qualities after birth.

With no hinges, electronics, or small parts, Crescent Womb is a safe alternative to a flat mattress. It allows the baby to sleep naturally in the fetal position, while also reducing the risk of Flat Head Syndrome. Spencer says babies spend way too much time laying flat in today's world, moving from place to place in a baby carrier all day. He hopes that by providing a safe place to sleep, it will help the infant to develop properly and healthily.

Other benefits to the Crescent Womb include:

  • helping with digestion and preventing reflux
  • reducing the "startle flex", which will help babies sleep more soundly
  • creating an ideal climate for the baby to sleep, with permeated mesh as opposed to a mattress pad
  • maintaining a healthy spinal curve while sleeping, allowing the spine to develop better
  • providing a versatile sleeping options for parents on the go (the Crescent Womb folds up to the size of a baby blanket)

The Crescent Womb is currently available to order at They are still looking for supporters on their Kickstarter page, which you can check out here.

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