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This Bride Asked Her Grandfather To Play This Very Special Role In Her Wedding

When Jennifer Briskin, from Brookhaven was planning her wedding to Austin Tansantisuk she had every detail of their perfect day planned.

Since childhood, Jennifer has had a very special relationship with her grandfather Stanley, also known as "Papa." The bride told Fox 5 that her childhood home was about 10 minutes away from her grandfather's house and that every Sunday they would go for walks together in the park.

As she grew, their relationship strengthened. Now, ready to be married, Jennifer had a very special question to ask her 85-year-old Papa. Although they had often joked about it, Jennifer thought that this role would be the perfect fit for Papa.  

About seven months before the wedding, Jennifer presented him with a beautifully embroidered handkerchief with her special request.

Of course he said yes! She asked him again a few months later and he was still committed, but he was also a little nervous. So, Stanley practiced walking down the driveway with Jennifer's sister.

When the special day arrived, Stanley shone in his role as "flower grandpa" cheekily tossing the flower petals onto the guests as he walked down the aisle.

Jennifer said the guests loved it - Papa had everyone laughing as he walked down the aisle, dapper in his suit with a little box of petals.

"We had guests come up to us the rest of the night, telling us how memorable it was," Jennifer said. "People joked he could do this as a side gig."

Watch this grandfather enjoy every moment of his walk down the aisle at his beloved granddaughter's wedding:

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