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Flying Photo-Bomber Interrupts Wedding Pictures

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a bird swooping in your pictures. Magpies are pretty well known for their aggressive tendencies, which this couple encountered first hand on their wedding day. Australian couple Phil and Sara Maria drove to a spot near Armidale that photographer Karen Parr was familiar with. As soon as they starting snapping pictures, the angry birds started attacking.

The couple continued with their photos anyways, keeping calm even though they were under attack.

"The couple were actually very relaxed and although I'm sure I may have accidentally swore a couple of times as a magpie whistled passed my head, they kept their cool. The groom and Groomsman enjoyed the sport of trying to keep the magpies at bay." - Karen Parr, photographer

I would not be so calm if it were me, but luckily this couple was cool under pressure and didn't let the unpleasant birds ruin their special day. On the plus side, they have a hilarious story for their grand kids one day!

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