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17 Food Companies That Should Be Sued For False Advertisement

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Everyone shares the same dream. We all hope that one day, in the distant future even, we will finally receive an ice cream pop that looks like the wrapper.

It's a small dream, but it's a powerful one.

Too many food products these days look lovely on the packaging and then when you open it, it appears to be a pile of mushed together ingredients.

Here's a list of some foods that need to be brought to justice. You cannot tell me there was even a modicum of effort put into these creations.

1. Just because half the pizza is covered by the box doesn't mean you can slack off

2. Clearly the Smart One was not me for believing you would provide me with real meat.

3. Honestly I'm offended you thought no one would notice the difference

4. Did someone already eat this salad and then barf it up?

5. Did you just miss the ice cream? It's RIGHT there.

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