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8 Foods That Are Unfortunately Ruining Your Skin

Unfortunately what goes into your body matters just as much as what you put on your face according to experts. Certain foods tend to harm your skin in different ways, affecting the dryness, breakouts and even rosacea.

There are ways to counteract the effects of the food, usually by hydrating more which is good news for those of us who can't possibly live without bread. If you are suffering with bad skin, here are a few of the foods that you could perhaps try reducing to improve your natural glow.

Salty Snacks or Foods With High Sodium Levels


If you are prone to dry and flaky skin sodium may be to blame. The salt absorbs all the moisture that is supposed to be hydrating your skin so you are left with itchy and patchy skin that is never fun. If you can't resist the salt shaker or that bag of chips, make sure you counteract the effects by drinking a good amount of water.



As much as you may love carbs, they probably don't love you back. A lot of people are more sensitive to wheat than they would think and this inability to digest it can lead to breakouts. Check labels to always be sure of whats happening in your body. Even if you don't choose to give it up at least you know what is causing the problem.

Dairy Product


Milk, cheese, yogurt and yes even the most majestic snack of them all: ice cream, can stimulate oil production and inflammatory responses. That leads to issues for those with blemish prone skin.

Processed Foods


If your food comes pre-packaged, chances are it isn't great for your skin. To help last longer on the shelf they are full of preservatives. These preservatives cause reactions in your skin like redness, puffiness, and even blotches to appear all over. It doesn't help that you then have to be extra careful when it comes to checking the labels for other foods that cause sensitivities.

Sugary Food


If you want to keep looking young, the best advice is to not eat like you are young. Eating sugary foods like candy, sugary cereals, and pastries can effect the collagen and elastin levels of your skin. If you want to avoid wrinkles, you need that collagen and elastin to be as strong as possible. Also watch out for foods that may not seem like they would have a lot of sugar in them but they do. Fruit juice, bagels and even tomato sauce all seem innocent enough until you read the ingredients.



Not only do a lot of alcoholic have a bunch of sugar in them, but the alcohol itself is hard on the antioxidants in your body. These antioxidants are necessary to help keep that extra-important collagen production up to snuff. Those suffering from rosacea also will notice an increase in flareups or triggered reactions when they consume alcohol. Make sure you stay hydrated if you are going to drink so that your skin doesn't suffer!

Soy Milk


Soy milk is a common alternative for those who are sensitive to dairy, but apparently it is also a cause of inflammation in the skin.



As much as I would love if this weren't true, apparently chocolate can make acne worse. Chocolate causes inflammation and also lowers your body's immune defense which leads to pimples to form from bacteria. While having perfect skin is a dream that most people have, giving up all of these things would be really hard. The best option is to try things out in moderation, hydrate plenty with plain ol' water and if you are seeing a reaction in your skin you could always get allergy tested to see what you can do to fix it.

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