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'For Better Or Worse': Time Magazine Revealed Their Person Of The Year

As every year comes to an end, Time magazine chooses a person to honor for their impact and contributions to the world.

Starting in 1927, the 'Person Of The Year' award is almost always controversial. It's impossible to please everyone, of course.

This year's recipient is both shocking and also obvious. Who has made more headlines, started more fights, and been more vocal than the winner? No one.

The 2016 Person Of The Year is...


Trump beat out the likes of Beyoncé, Olympian Simone Biles, Flint whistle-blowers, and Hillary Clinton.

Editor-in-Chief Nancy Gibbs made it clear, though, that naming the president-elect Person Of The Year doesn't mean they think he's great.

"The person of the year is the person who's had the greatest influence on events, for better or worse," she said. "Some years it's very hard. Some years we have a pretty passionate debate internally about who really moved the needle and effected events the most. That was not really what it was like this year."

Oddly enough, last year Donald Trump threw a hissy fit because he WASN'T named Person Of The Year.

While some people are excited about Trump winning this title, some are quick to point out that it shouldn't be considered a shock or a high accolade.

What do you think of Donald Trump winning Time's Person of The Year? Let us know in the comments!

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