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For The Love Of God, Turn Her Over And Where Is Her Mother?

This new Panda cub, still hasn't got a name, but the zoo keepers call her Zidou's Baby, in reference to her mother whose name translates to "Little Bean."

In this recently posted video of the new baby, shows her struggling to turn over onto her stomach. Although totally adorable at first, many viewers became distressed when no one helped her. She seems to be perfectly safe, but the unnatural position, sterile environment and the hard floor had many viewers commenting that the clip quickly went from cute to uncomfortable.

Many commentators were anxious about seeing this tiny baby struggling and probably frightened on the ground:

What do you think? Animal cruelty, or just a roly-poly baby who hasn't quite figured out the roll part? Let us know what you think in the comments below - don't forget to Like & Share!

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