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'The Doctors' Explain The Strange Bumps On This Man's Arm

Since college, Shawn's arms had been covered in these mysterious bumps.

They were irritating, sometimes painful, and more showed up on his body all the time. Bumps were even starting to grow on his stomach.

After years of visiting doctors Shawn was still left without answers, so he wrote in to the hit television show The Doctors for help.

Shawn had been told the bumps were either calcium build up or cysts, both of which are harmless. He still worried that they might turn out to be cancer, or that the bumps might spread to his face.

He counted on The Doctors to get to the bottom of this mystery and they did - with the help of dermatologist Sonia Batra.

It turns out Shawn's bumps are called lipoma, little pods of fatty tissue that are harmless and easy to remove.

What a relief! If those were my arms, I would have asked for a second opinion as well!

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