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This Couple Got Engaged And Married All In One Day #ForeverDuncan

When he asks her to marry him, he means right now. On October 1st, Alfred Duncan asked Sherrell to marry him at 12 pm, by 6 pm on October 1st they were married. Alfred posted the entire day on Instagram and everyone followed along and saw this couple go from engaged to married all in an afternoon. Alfred surprised his now wife by making her think it was just a "competitive date day" so she would go along with not knowing the plan. Little did she know, the day's schedule was a bit more dramatic than she anticipated.

She is already nervous before she knew what was happening, and once the proposal begins the tears start to flow.  

He sends her to a hotel where her family is waiting to help her get ready but she still doesn't know the full extent of what is happening until she arrives - blindfolded - to the ceremony.

They got married and instantly #ForeverDuncan began to trend.

They enjoyed the memes that were made after their story went viral and they shared a quick thank you to their followers.

Check out the video below to see how the day unfolded. Do you think you would be able to handle that many surprises in one day? I really don't know that I could handle it!

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