'Facebook' For Seven-Year-Olds Is A Thing Now

Former UK police sergeant Henry Platten developed a social media platform that could be used by children as young as seven years old.

Even though the age limit for using Facebook is 13, primary school children have admitted to using social media at least once a day. This unmonitored use puts them in danger of encountering online predators and harassment.

Since children are going to use social media any way they can, it makes sense to create a safe platform for them to do so.

Former UK police sergeant and e-safety expert, Henry Platten, developed a new app along with eCadets Ltd. to make it possible.

Now available to schools and for family use, Go Bubble is a social media platform that connects children as young as seven to classmates and other children around the world.

The main difference between Go Bubble and platforms like Facebook, is that kids are registered for it by their schools, with parental approval.

All posts are automatically moderated by the system's safety features and an award-winning live moderation team who review flagged messages.

"We need to accept that our kids love social media and will use it no matter what the age limit is," Platten told Manchester Evening News, "so my view is, don't ban them, just provide them with a safe alternative that has all of the up sides but none of the down sides. Go Bubble is that safe alternative."

So far, classrooms in 13 countries have signed up! If you're a teacher and you want to register your class, check it out here.

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