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"Grey's Anatomy" Star Joins The Cast of "Madam Secretary" As A New Series Regular

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With the sudden departure of Bebe Neuwirth's character of Nadine Tolliver from the hit CBS show, Madam Secretary, it left an opening at the State Department.

In an emotional episode on Sunday, we watched longtime chief of staff hug Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord, played by Téa Leoni, in a farewell that had us reaching for the tissue. The character's exit was written so that she could be closer to her son and soon-to-be-born grand-baby.

Neuwirth had been a series regular on the show since it premiered in 2014.

“So grateful for my time @MadamSecretary – a wonderful show where I love the cast, crew, background artists. #lifelongfriends,” she wrote. “So grateful to @CBS for accepting my request to depart @MadamSecretary and writing a beautiful exit for me.”

Nadine's final moments with her boss showed her true feelings about the political environment.

“I love public service, but it’s gotten so vicious,” she said. “Somehow, we’ve become our own worst enemy. And I don’t want to spend the rest of my career fighting.”

Neuwirth will definitely be missed on set by her colleagues.

“Working with @BebeNeuwirth has been one of the highlights of my career,” Erich Bergen tweeted. “Till the next one, my friend.”

With Neuwirth's departure, that has left the door open for another familiar face to join the cast.

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