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Formerly Abused Dog Gets Toy That Looks Exactly Like Him

It's been almost a year since Justice the dog was found lying in a field with his legs and mouth bound with electrical tape. Justice was unable to move and had been left alone in a field to die.

His former owners paid a man $60 to bring Justice to an animal shelter, but instead the man decided to keep the money and throw the dog in a field. (He's since been thrown in prison for this, don't worry.)

Justice was found and taken to the Humane Society where they removed the tape. The poor pup struggled to breathe and walk, and he was swollen all over.

However, after much love and care, Justice began to heal. All that was left of his tragedy was a white scar around his snout. Justice was given a foster family, who ended up adopting the warrior pup.

Since then, Justice has been an advocate for fighting animal cruelty, appearing in fundraisers to help raise money for other animals in need.

For the holiday season, Justice is now his own toy! The Human Society has made replica Justice plush dolls, scar and all, for people to purchase. All proceeds will go toward animal cruelty.


If you're stuck on last minute Christmas gifts, remember that donations to animal charities are always a winner.

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