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Her Mother Died Of Cancer, So This Four-Year-Old Stood In Her Place

About a year after her mother lost the battle with cervical cancer, little Nora stepped into this beautiful wedding dress and took her father's breath away.

It started out as a mother's dream to one day see her baby girl grown up and married in a beautiful white dress. But, when 27-year-old Amber, from North Carolina, realized that she wouldn't be able to realize this dream, she asked her photographer friend, Heidi Spillane, to keep a promise, and her dream alive.

Just four years old, but stunning nonetheless, Nora proudly wore her mother's wedding dress, earrings and wedding rings. These stunning photos brought back happy memories of when Amber and Derek, were photographed at the very same venue.

"I left the session and went home to look through the images thinking it would be so heavy," said Spillane, "but as I started looking through them I was laughing, smiling and crying, being able to see Amber so clearly in her gorgeous daughter."

Nora holds a black and white portrait of her parents on their wedding day

It is obvious that this little girl and her mother had a special bond. These photos will be a reminder of that for the rest of her life! See more stunning photos on My three arrows photography's Facebook page.

[Source: Mirror / My three Arrows]

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