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Four Dogs And A Cat Pose For Christmas Picture

You would think Christmas cards would be a lot easier to make now because the internet lets you just email them to everyone on your list, but the issue is, you still need to get that perfect picture first.

When you want to get a whole family in, it gets a little tricky. There is always someone blinking, or not smiling, or making a strange face, but this family tried to different tactic that turned out to be just as difficult. They wanted their family Christmas card to leave behind all the humans and just have the pets.

All four dogs plus the one cat were all positioned on a cute little stool and then it was all about timing. I have tried to do this myself, so the fact that almost all of these dogs sat still is remarkable. Taking pictures of animals is really super challenging so the fact that they actually managed to succeed is super impressive!

Check out this adorable photoshoot below to get inspired for your Christmas portraits!

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