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MEOWZA! This Cat Named Batman has Four Ears

DC Comics may have Ben Affleck, but the only Batman we're interested is this four-eared feline. Batman the cat was brought to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society after his owner couldn't care for him anymore (which, by the way, is the best way to care for your animal.) His condition is extremely rare. The first recorded case of the condition was in 1938 in a cat by the name of Toots.

This Batman's super powers include heightened adorableness, and the ability to stop everyone in their tracks to pet him. And also probably an increased ability to hear when the treat bag is opened.

After Batman was surrendered to the shelter, it didn't take long for him to be adopted into a new family. A little girl and her mom adopted Batman within hours of him being available. Apparently the girl not only loves cats, but she also loves comic books and superheroes. Oh man. What a match made in heaven. It's almost too perfect.

Check out this video of Batman before he was adopted. Does he not seem like the most snuggable little guy?

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