Four Friends Built The World's Wildest Slip And Slide

What did you do for Australia Day? Put a couple sausages on the barbie? Hit the beach to grab some waves?

While you were having fun, four geniuses from Canberra were building the world's best slip and slide, and it had a uniquely Australian twist to boot.

Phil and Mike Jacobs, with some help from their friends CJ and "Bogan Jack" - who's probably some kind of engineer - built this contraption out of waterproof tarps, a hose, and another iconic Australian invention: a Hills Hoist.

In the video, you can see their guinea pigs/friends try to see how long they can hold on, and while nobody can manage more than a couple rotations, it looks like a lot of fun.

I think these guys should definitely patent this, because I can picture it in theme parks around the world. If you want to see how a real legend rides this thing, here's their friend Jake Fraser managing four rotations while wearing an Australian flag cape.

Stay tuned to the end, because you'll want to see his hilarious dismount!

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