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Fran Drescher Recalls The Traumatic Attack That Changed Her Life, And How She's Moved On

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Fran Drescher is probably best known for her role on The Nanny, but there is a lot more to her than that iconic laugh. Drescher's experiences in life have actually made her a strong role model for women everywhere, and her story is something everyone should know.


Before Drescher reached a new level of fame with the 1993 hit sitcom The Nanny, she experienced a traumatic event that would leave a lot of people scarred. She managed to make it through and make the best of a bad situation and wants to help other women do the same.

Drescher was the victim of a home invasion in 1985. Two men broke into her Los Angeles apartment, tying up Descher's now ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson. Drescher and a female friend who was in the house at the time were raped at gun point by one of the attackers while Jacobson was forced to watch.

Jacobson said "we were home, having dinner with a friend. They broke the door down — it was locked. You try to live, you try to get through it alive. The police said, ‘Whatever you did, you did it right, because you’re alive."

Drescher didn't go public with her experiences until 1996, when she released her memoir "Enter Whining". She detailed the events and how she managed to survive and how she has been recovering.

She hadn't realized the impact that her sharing this experience would have...

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