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Friend Makes Daring Rescue Attempt As Man Hangs Unconscious By His Neck

It was a moment of chance that likely saved this man's life.

When Mickey Wilson ran into a group of his friends at the Arapahoe Basin, he decided to join them for a fun day of skiing. Little did he know that he would find himself in the right place at the right time, thanks to that fateful meeting.

As he road with his group back up the mountain on the chairlift, he noticed that one of his crew had gotten his backpack strap stuck in the chairlift - he was slowly being dragged back down the hill.

Mickey and the others jumped off the lift and ran down hill to help him, when they realized the worst possible thing: he was hanging by his neck.

He was dangling 10 feet above the snow and had lost consciousness by the time people attempted to create a human pyramid to reach him. They fell, sinking into the loose powder.

Time was running out.

That's when Mickey remembered his slackline training. As a professional slackliner, it was easy for him to climb the tower and shimmied across the cable to where the man dangled below.

A ski patrolman tossed him a knife and Mickey cut the man free. Still unconscious, the skier plummeted into the waiting arms of the EMS.

Mickey confirms that he checked with the hospital and the anonymous skier has recovered and will be released.

Thankfully,  everyone was able to work together and think quickly in this time of crisis.

Watch this daring rescue below!

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