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Frustrated Moms Love This Clever Trick To Stay Positive

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All moms can relate to the awful feeling of being the "angry mother" every once in a while. While having children is a blessing and a joy, the truth is motherhood is really hard, and sometimes you can't help but vent your frustrations on your kids. Kelly Holmes, who writes a blog called The Reformed Idealist Mom, was struggling with this problem.

Holmes had noticed herself snapping at her preschool-aged daughter over even the smallest things, and she wanted to stop.

"Unfortunately for me, I’d developed a bad habit of talking sharply to my preschooler, " she wrote. "My brain was on autopilot headed in the wrong direction towards being an angry mother."

But a simple trick helped her completely change her attitude.

Holmes solution was to re-wire her brain, so instead of falling back on her bad habits and getting cranky, she would instinctively be positive. All she needed to pull off this dramatic change was 5 hair ties.

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