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Miracle Kitten Survives Thanks To A Pair Of Socks

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fosterkittenlove /Instagram

Meet baby Selene...

This tiny kitten was turned into a local animal shelter with her mother, Muse. Cat Adoption Team, a local rescue group in Sherwood, Oregon found a special home for the pair with foster mom, Shelby.

"Selene came to me when she was only five days old. She was the size of a newborn (they should double their weight by the first week) and with her eyes wide open I thought she was the most adorable little alien kitten I had ever seen," Shelby said to Love Meow.

Muse was so traumatized, that she stopped feeding her baby. Shelby stepped up to the plate and began to feed the little one kitten milk replacer.

But, when little Selene the kitten was two and a half weeks old, Shelby discovered something was wrong...

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