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That's How You Get Noticed! Man Delivers His Resume Inside Boxes Of Donuts

If you ever tried to get a job you know how awful it is these days. Now, you just apply online with hundreds of other candidates and hope yours stands out. Well if you need to prove yourself as an expert in marketing, you could always try what Lukas Yla did in San Franciso. Yla found the perfect way to get his resume seen: He hid it in a box of donuts and delivered it to different companies pretending he was just a delivery guy.

Yla delivered 40 different boxes of donuts all with his resume hidden in the lid to different marketing agencies and tech companies. He poses as a "Postmates" delivery person and drops the boxes off directly to the person he needs. If he doesn't get the box directly to them he makes sure to follow up with them with a quick tweet.

Apparently his tactic is actually working!

"I had 10 interviews so far and I haven't delivered donuts to all the companies I admire and love what they're doing yet. Recruiters, marketing pros and people in general love this kind of approach, it's something you didn't expect, fun and out of the box." - Lukas Yla

Some of the people he delivered to actually posted it on twitter and let him know they were going to be in contact.

This is a sneaky and smart way to get the attention of recruiters, especially in the competitive industry he is trying to get a job in. He explained his reasoning and how he came up with such a unique way to apply.

"I was looking for the most direct way to reach decision makers at the companies. I thought, that I might fail competing only on 'resume' level with other candidates that have work experience in San Francisco." - Lukas Yla

I think he is going to make quite the impression on the marketing world now!

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