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George And Barbara Bush Celebrate Historic Milestone Together

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93-year-old George H.W. Bush and his wife, 92-year-old Barbara, have certainly led a wonderful life together. The former president met his future wife when he was just 16 years old. Barbara was home from boarding school on the holiday break and the two hit if off right away. They did long distance for two years, after which George popped the question.

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

George was then shipped off to serve as a naval pilot in World War Two, where he was the youngest pilot. He was shot down by Japanese antiaircraft fire and had to be rescued from the water. While home on leave in January of 1945, George and Barbara got married.


In September 1945, George was honorably discharged from the Navy, and his interest turned to politics. The couple welcomed their first child, George W. Bush, in 1946.

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

The Bushes welcomed four sons together: George, John Ellis (Jeb), Marvin, and Neil, as well as a daughter, Doro. The couple had another daughter, born in 1950, named Robin. Sadly, she passed away from leukemia at the age of three.

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

In 1988, George ran as the Republican candidate for president and won. He was sworn in on January 20, 1989, with his loving wife Barbara by his side.

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

President Bush served until 1993, and was lucky enough to watch his son take on the same title in 2001. However, as the senior Bush gets older, his health has started to decline. Despite being the longest-surviving President in history, George has had his share of health scares. In April 2017, he was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia for the second time in four months.

George Jr. assured the public that his father was recovering well.

Pleased to report that 41 is joyful, strong, and ready to come home soon.

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Through it all, George had his rock by his side.

Now, the two are celebrating a huge (and historic!) milestone.

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