George Strait's Texas Property Destroyed By Massive Fire

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On Saturday, November 4, while the rest of the nation was occupied with turning back time for Daylight Savings, firefighters were busy battling a massive fire near Boerne, Texas.

Now, reports have confirmed that the fire, which occurred around 7 p.m, destroyed the club house at Tapatio Springs Resort.


One of the property's co-owners is country singer George Strait.

When the Boerne fire crew arrived on the scene the fire had already taken over the entire structure. They spent hours trying to put out the flames.

"The attic was fully involved when the first crew arrived (just before 7 p.m.), explained Boerne Fire Chief Doug Meckel. "They were evacuating the people who were inside. Right now we're in a defensive mode, that is, we're keeping it from spreading, keeping it confined to the one structure."

Caitlin Payne

Five fire departments were on the scene battling the blaze and people were advised to stay away from the area because "firefighters and local residents do not need the interruption of your curiosity." Thankfully, no injuries were reported, but the damage appears to be quite extensive.  

The country star has not commented on the incident yet, but the resort has issued a statement and pictures from the scene have also been released.

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