German Shepherd Preciously Watches Over Baby Ducks

Appearances can be deceiving. For instance, you may think that there is a giant guard dog in this video. Actually, what we're looking at is an 80 pound mother duck, who's looking after her little ducklings.

Just watch how she carefully place her paws so they don't waddle away, licks them gently, and then lays down with them. It's hard to believe people can be intimidated by these dogs after seeing a video as cute as this.

Just watching this adorable balls of fluff snuggle up to their big protector for warmth is guaranteed to make your day a million times better.

I wonder if these little ducks will bark when they grow up, and chase tennis balls? One thing's for sure: they're out of luck if they expect flying lessons from their big friend.

See for yourself how cute this unusual friendship is:

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