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Get In Touch with Your Whimsical Side and Take a Bite From This Magical Unicorn Rainbow Cake!

Unicorns are a huge trend this year and why not?! Unicorns are super whimsical, unique and add a touch of magic to everything!

This Unicorn Rainbow Cake is the ultimate fantastical confection - Cucina Dolce’s Jayne Argentina showed us how it’s done with this beautiful and scrumptious layer cake. Jayne layers up purple, orange, pink and yellow cake bases with yummy frosting, then beautifies the dessert with fondant ears, a colorful mane, and you can’t forget that cool unicorn horn!

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Would you eat or make this magical Unicorn Rainbow Cake at home? Thanks Cucina Dolce for showing us how it’s done! Check out Cucina Dolce's Facebook page here. Yum!

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